Factories Are A Bigger Target For Theft Than You Think

factoryOne place you may not think about when you think about theft is the source. You might think of a typical store or a bank being stolen from. You’re thinking of the finished products being the prime target for the criminals. That’s not always the case. There are plenty of situations where a thief or vandal might go for something a bit more raw to steal. Money is always the goal, so a thief may just go for the cash register, or they may take a route you’re not familiar with. Why not go directly to the source of all products and take the materials? I’m talking about a factory. Even factories have their own share of robberies and thefts. This is why a security camera system would be a huge investment.

Invest For A Reason

If you own a factory, then you know that you have a lot of materials that need to be watched over. Materials can cost quite the pretty penny and you don’t want to have to deal with theft when you have a factory and workers to look after as well. Deter the thieves then! By placing a security camera system around the facility in plain view, you can help deter unwanted guests. A criminal is much less likely to perform said crime if they know that they’re being monitored. You’ll also be able to keep an eye on your workers with the camera system. You have a lot of workers in a factory, and there will be a lot of heavy machinery in the facility. Accidents have happened, but you can help prevent them by have the cameras monitor well known danger zones. You can catch and deter criminals, help with factory safety, and even monitor employee theft.

Watch Even When You’re Not There

One of the best parts about the current camera technology that we have today is the addition of remote viewing. Thanks to the power of the internet connections that we all use everyday, many of the security feeds that we see can be transmitted to the internet with the help of a DVR. This means that you can still monitor your camera feeds even if you’re not at the facility itself. Should there be an accident at work and you’re not there, you can still just jump on the closest internet connection that you can get and see exactly whats going on. It’s like being there without being there, and it can help out tremendously in the long run.

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Be Aware Of The Risks

While I personally feel that the benefits greatly outweigh the risks in terms of the use of a security camera system, there can also be risks when using them. There is always the risk of the cameras being damaged in some way. Whether it be from vandalism or just from the dangerous work areas of the factory, they can be damaged. You also need to make sure that the workers are monitored, but not to the point that it becomes and invasion of their privacy. Then there’s the concern of there being a possible power outage or short circuiting problem. Something like that can interrupt the feed of the cameras and cause them to malfunction and/or the footage to become corrupted. At that point, your facility could be susceptible to theft and vandalism.

A factory isn’t a place that has an “easy job”. These places are full of hardworking men and women you need to be protected. A factory is also full of plenty of raw materials that you need to make the products that you have been designated to make. Make sure that all of your inventory and personnel remain safe guarded with a proper surveillance system.

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