All Hands On Deck! Protect The Marina With A Security Camera System!

marinaHow many of you like to go fishing? I’m a big fan myself, but have never gone deep sea fishing. You know, the kind that requires a pretty big sized boat? These types of fishing boats are not cheap. Well, I suppose just about any boat isn’t cheap. You can usually find these sea vessels docked at marinas across many a coastline across the world. These particular areas of business have a lot more going on than fishing normally. You can find restaurants and gift shops located by or on the marinas as well. Not to mention the bait shops that could be located there. There’s a lot of business being conducted here. This is a prime location for a security camera system.

Loss And Theft Prevention

Boats, as I stated before, are VERY expensive. They can be expensive to rent, and even more so to own outright. Should you own a boat and keep it docked at a marina, you want to make sure that your belongings are always kept safe. A boat is a large object to just steal, but you’d be surprised as how many people can do it. By placing a series of IP cameras within the marina, you are giving your guests a lot more peace of mind by showing that the docks are constantly monitored. The shops will thank you as well. It could be easy to just grab a thing of night crawlers or even a candy bar, but that can add up quickly in the loss of sales. Make sure that the customers know that their belongings are safe, but also let them know that the belongings of the shops are safe as well.

Liabilities and Manuverability

Wouldn’t you think that it’d be next to impossible to properly equip a security camera system through out a marina? Well thanks to modern technology, you really don’t have to worry about it. WiFi is a beautiful thing after all. Many of the IP cameras that are set up through CCTV networks are able to transmit live video feeds and record directly to a DVR system wirelessly. This will help out big time when setting up the camera system. Just by having a system of wireless IP cameras, you can place these just about anywhere you need to in order to make sure that everything is being properly monitored. With the constant live stream and DVR recording footage, you ensure that liabilities are kept in order too. Should there be an accident by the shipyard, you can easily find out who is at fault.

Be Aware Of The Threats

Vandalism happens everywhere. It can be easier than you think for a thug to just come along and disable your cameras. They can throw rocks, bottles, or even spray paint the cameras, making them useless to you. Make sure that the cameras aren’t used solely by themselves, but more as a means to boost security measures. The fact that you can scale these cameras to just about wherever you need them to be will be sure to help out for the vandalism problems as well, should you fear that you might have them.

At the end of the day, everyone wants to save money. These boats are extremely expensive, and the supplies can add up quickly too. Keep your customers feeling safe by letting them know that their boats are being monitored closely. Make sure that the shops are being taken care of security wise as well. A CCTV network here could help out more than you think.

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