Social Media And Break-Ins

A security camera overlooking a parking lot

Security Tip of the Day: 
Who Do You Let In Your Home
We have discussed not letting strange sales men or women in your home because they may be doing surveillance. But what about baby sitters or neighbors. Make sure you get to know someone before you just invite them inside.

Product Spotlight: 1 Mega Pixel I.P. Bullet Camera
This little bullet camera combines quality with price to make a great affordable camera for your new video surveillance system. This is an I.P. camera which means it uses a digital video for better quality. It also has built in P.O.E. (power over Ethernet) which means you only need to plug this camera in and your all set to view video.
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Story Of The Day: Social Media And Break-Ins
Almost everyone you meet and walk by are probably on some sort of social media website. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram is just a small list of some popular social sites. We all love to keep in touch with friends and family through these sites, but who else is watching you? Burglars have utilized these social sites to plan on how they will break into your home. They wait for you to post your vacation plans or even long events and wait for the best time to ransack your home. Others will watch your page and see what new items you have bought. These include new TV’s, cars, gaming consoles, and much more. We will provide a couple of tips to help you from social burglars.

You should be careful of what you post but who you post it to. Take advantage of the social site’s privacy settings to hide content you don’t trust to certain groups or people. You should have your privacy settings set so that only your followers can view your posts. This will help block out unwelcome viewers.

Keep It To Yourself
Somethings you should just not post. Posting how your car door won’t lock or your front door can’t shut all the way can cause some serious attention to yourself and you could see someone breaking in easily.

Careful With Pictures
Pictures are the best way to show everyone your new car, TV, or jewelry but it allows burglars see what nice things you have and they can take for themselves.

Closing Thoughts
If you are to use social media, just make sure you are not being too personal. Also watch who you allow to be your friend because you never know who could be out for you. It is just these simple tips that can help protect you and your family.
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