Don’t Buy A Dog For Protection

Security Tip of the Day: 
Monitor Employees Carefully
Every employer has that one employee they can’t trust. Some supervisors would believe watching that employee over the rest is important, but it is usually the employees who know you don’t watch, that typically create an incident.

Product Spotlight: 1 Mega Pixel I.P. Bullet Camera
This little bullet camera combines quality with price to make a great affordable camera for your new video surveillance system. This is an I.P. camera which means it uses a digital video for better quality. It also has built in P.O.E. (power over Ethernet) which means you only need to plug this camera in and your all set to view video.

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Story Of The Day: Don’t Buy A Dog For Home Protection
Dogs are great animals full of love and loyalty, but they are not the best option for home protection. Just to get a dog for home protection is not worth the time or the energy and we will explain why.

Energy VS Time & Money

Dogs, and any pet, use a lot of time and energy just to maintain. A dog will need to be bathed occasionally as well as feed and loved. A dog is meant to be a companion and should be treated as one. Dogs also require lots of love and attention from their masters. Not to mention the money you will spend on a dog to protect your home. Dogs need to visit the vet on a regular basis. The vet may prescribe the dog medication that you would have to pay for. Not to mention the cost of food. Over time, this will be more expensive than a high end camera system.

Finally, a dog can cause great liability problems as your home protection system. No matter if someone broke into your house illegally and had no business being there, if the dog attacks this person, you could be sued in court. It wouldn’t be the first time someone got away with this either.


Closing Thoughts
Dogs are great pets. They are loving animals that make great companions but a dog is not a great home protection system. If you are thinking about getting a dog only for the security, please don’t do it. Dogs are meant to be loved and cared for. Some dogs even have jobs, but don’t bring one in your home unless you plan on giving it the attention it deserves. Save some time and money and purchase a high quality video surveillance system.

If You Would Like Some Extra Security For Your Home Or Business Contact Camera Security Now at 877-422-1907 or Visit Us On The Web At



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