Are You Ready To Take Action To Protect Your Business From Theft?

452470317When it comes to crimes, many small signs go unnoticed in a business environment. Criminals seek any opportunity, and many opportunities are likely to present themselves in busy, small to mid-size retail or commercial businesses. Small businesses can be very vulnerable because of the lack of resources to guard against any criminal activity.

On average, burglaries cost businesses around $2,000, but a lot of the times no one is watching these store recordings. The large pool of information camera’s collect on a daily basis are very easy to analyze, but are employee’s ready to take action in time of need to quickly catch a thief?

The drawback to any protected business is that often times, there is no one monitoring criminal theft inside the store even when cameras have been installed. The reality is that security is everyone’s job. Many businesses do not have a dedicated individual on staff to monitor activity through out the day, respond to alarms and stay on top of the latest developments. This system creates an opportunity for anything to go wrong at any given moment that could cost your business money. Willingness to take an active roll in keeping the store safe seems a bit overlooked in today’s busy world. The over-played quote “if you see something, say something” is becoming something that many employees try to keep in the back of his or her mind, but because of the lack of security training many people are not prepared to stop a theft crime, or know exactly what to say to recover any stolen merchandise in a smooth manner. The good news is over the past few years a wealth of security systems and tools make it very easy for management to review current action throughout the store.

It’s important to not only have a current security system model, but also to make sure that each staff member has experienced proper training in what to do in a situation when theft is spotted. Reviewing the stores camera activity can help prevent further loss in merchandise.

But, another problem is that all camera activity and information is stored on a separate computer that is vulnerable to any type of virus. Or even worse, that information could be accessed by any of your employees.

On the technology side, improving security  is possible without spending thousands of dollars. Any software tools used for security purposes should be demonstrated to all management to make sure any member on the staff is not uncomfortable. When people work together to create a safer environment, everyone benefits. The combination of proper education and training in criminal situations is absolutely needed, on top of having a strong surveillance system to prevent losses.

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