Do I Need A Video Surveillance System?

Security Tip of the Day: Protect Your Liability

It doesn’t matter how big of a company you own, you are always at risk of being liable for employee and customer safety. You should prepare your property to prevent such an accident from happening. An accident could hurt your reputation as a company but how you act about this situation could hurt you even more. Just remember to prevent such accidents.

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Story Of The Day: Do I Need A Video Surveillance System?
I’m sure many home and business owners have thought that they need a surveillance system for their property, and I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, do I need a surveillance system?  We will be going over some logical reasons why you or your company may need a camera system.

Home Surveillance

Potential Break-ins
If someone was going to break into your home, you would want to see who the robber was and give the police a picture of the person with all your stuff. You would also want to identify the stuff stolen from you so you can have it returned. Sometimes when the police catch the person responsible, they can’t return your belongings because you have no proof it was yours.

Car Break-ins
Anyone could potential break into or vandalize your vehicle and you would want to know who did it. A good camera with night vision view is perfect for this situation because you could have a hard time replacing your car or even the tires from your car.

Unwelcomed Guests
This could range from crazy ex boyfriends to peeping toms outside your window. Anyone hanging outside your house that you don’t want to be there could be caught on camera and used as footage in court if needed.

Business Surveillance

Onsite Accidents
If a customer claims they tripped and fell from a puddle left by one of your employees, you could be responsible for their medical bills and more. But some people choose to abuse the system and try to make a quick buck. You could have the full footage on tape to watch what truly happened.

Watch Employees
Sometimes employees are not doing what they are supposed to be doing and need an extra eye to keep an eye on them. Other employees learn to steal product, company property, or even money and could be exposed on tape.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, you use a video surveillance system any where. The uses are nearly endless. The bottom line comes down to this, if you have had the thought that you need a surveillance system, then you probably do. Something is making you feel uncomfortable in such a way that you want to install cameras on your property, and it may only get worse from that point.

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