Questions To Ask When Buying A Video Security Sytem

Security Tip of the Day: 
Think, Act, And Be Safe
No matter if you are the largest women’s clothing retailer or the small mom and pop shop in downtown. Every company can become liable for multiple accidents that can happen on your property. A majority of the time, actually video footage can protect not only your self and your company but your customers and employees as well. Recognize the potential dangers you can have before they happen. 

Product Spotlight: Iphone and Android Camera Control App
Have you ever just wanted to check in at home and make sure everything was going OK? Are you out of town for the weekend and just want to see if the kids are behaving? You can from anywhere with a mobile application. With a mobile application, free with a camera security system, you can watch live video on your mobile device! You could be watching live video from your phone in a matter of seconds. If you have a type of dome camera that can pan, tilt, or zoom, you can control that as well from your phone. 

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Story Of The Day: Questions To Ask When Buying A Video Security System
If you are thinking of buying a video security system, you are going to want to get all the details possible so you know you are buying a quality system. You don’t just want a quality system but you want to know that who ever you buy from, will be there to support you for your security needs. A video security system is no good if you can’t make anything out on it. 

What Type Of System Do You Sell?
Right now, there are three types of basic systems for video surveillance. The oldest being analog. This system uses old cable that looks like it would plug in the back of your TV. The picture quality of these systems are not great at all. These systems can come very cheap and it will show in the picture quality. What would be the use of a security camera if you can’t see anything on it? Now if you already have an old analog system, you can still upgrade without changing any cable. We can offer an IP based camera that is used on your old analog system to maximize and clean up the picture quality of your old system. Finally you have IP cameras. These are a digital video used over Cat5 cable. Cat5 cable is the internet cable you plug in your router or desktop for internet. These are the higher end of camera systems. Now some companies require you buy a license to use IP cameras and they can get very expensive. Camera Security Now does not require a license for these cameras, you can just purchase the hardware and use them how you like. 

What Services Do You Provide With Your Systems?
It would be nice if you could just buy something and it will always work forever without any hassle. Unfortunately we don’t live in such a world and companies need to be able to help customers in a quick and organized fashion with their issues. You will want to ask what services they provide with a camera system. For example, Camera Security Now provides free life time remote service on any system you purchase from us. We also provide a two or three year warranty on all of our equipment. It is these little things that will help you feel like you have purchased a quality system. 

How Much Storage Space Will I Need?
Storage space is a tricky thing to calculate because each camera can record the same area and create a larger or smaller video file. We recommend recording cameras on motion so that you will only see when something is moving in that area instead of recording all day. Some store bought brands only provide 500 GB of storage for your camera system. For most systems, this could hold about a days worth of video. Now determining storage space will also be calculated by the number of cameras you are using. We suggest to talk to the security consultant and see how much storage space you should get for the system you want.

Are These Cameras Rated For Outdoor Use?
Most residential and commercial companies wish to use their cameras outside to watch a parking lost or their car. Not all cameras are built to be outdoors. Some companies will say they are rated for outdoor use and just put an aluminum shield over the top of the camera to “protect” it from the rain. These are not outdoor use cameras. An outdoor use camera will feel heavy because it has an armor shield around the body of the camera to prevent water and debris from getting inside the camera. Before you have a camera installed outside, we recommend you look at the camera yourself and decide if you believe it is outdoor rated.

Closing Thoughts
A camera system is not something you should just buy cheap and believe you are going to have a quality system. A video security system is something that you get what you pay for. We have had too many customers walk in and tell us they bought a cheap system at a local Walmart and their car was broke in and they couldn’t see who did it. Camera Security Now understands that people do have budgets and want to be protected as well, that’s why we provide a wide range of systems to meet all needs. 

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