Common Mistakes That Burglars Love

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Be Aware Of Who You Can Trust

It can happen in a company or any neighborhood, who ever you trust is the person who robs your home or business. You should never trust anyone enough to give them the chance to rob you blind. If an employee or neighbor is uncomfortable that you have cameras inside your home or business, it may be because they don’t want to get caught.

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Story Of The Day: Common Mistakes That Burglars Love
Today we will list a few common mistakes that we all make when we have a home alarm system. These mistakes are used by burglars and used to their advantage to rob you blind.

Leaving The Alarm Off
A lot of us feel that we don’t need to turn the alarm system on if we are leaving to just drop the kids off at a friends house across town. You’ll be right back right? It only takes a split second for an uninvited guest to hide in your home. Worst case, they could hold a weapon of some sorts and running to call 911 may not be as easy as you may think. There was a young woman just playing an online game and with her video streaming, caught footage of the man who broke into her home. This man was armed. These kind of scenarios can happen when you leave the alarm off. See here for video Woman Robbed At Home

Alarm Signs
Most of us believe that putting the alarm companies sign in the front yard can prevent someone breaking in. When in some cases it can, there are a certain amount of criminals who know how to disable alarm systems or will even look to cut the power to your home or business.

Hiding Your Valuables In The Bedroom
Our bedrooms are the most sacred rooms in our homes. They are where we sleep and probably the only room guests don’t use in your home. But it is also the place where we store out jewelry and other valuables. Most burglars are aware of this and run to the bedroom first. We suggest hiding any valuables you can in another room or closet to prevent this situation from happening.

Closing Thoughts
Home security can be a serious thing. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of spare time to take the extra steps to prepare your home or business from an un-welcomed guest. Please take those steps for your own safety.

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