Beware The Salesman

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Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

No matter where you go, you should always be aware of your surroundings. If you are out late and are walking home, look for well lit streets. Keep an eye out for buildings that may have security cameras on the outside.

Product Spotlight: Vertical Desktop POE NVR

This is a nice little NVR with 4 ports of POE. POE stands for Power Over Ethernet. This unit is vertical NVR that is great on space. If you are looking for a small box that doesn’t bulk up your home or business. This unit also comes with two ports to hold your hard drives. We can install up to two 4 TB Hard Drives to this small unit, giving you 8 TB of storage!

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Story Of The Day: Beware The Salesman
We are starting to get into warmer months and may already see the increase in door-to-door sales people walking up and down your street. Some of them could be trying to sell ‘The good news’ or others are trying to update your electric bill. Maybe they want to see if you need your gutters cleaned or your lawn mowed. Some of these people are probably just local people just trying to help us out or sell us something but there is a threat of people who present themselves as a ‘salesman.’ Most of the time they will get you to answer the door and look inside to see if you look like you have anything nice to steal. How can you prevent the wrong people scouting out your home?

Don’t Open The Door
These people are trying to look in your house to see if you have potential of a break in. They may show up to the door in a suit and even have a business card. Anyone can acquire these items. You can look out the window and see if you recognize the person. If you don’t recognize them, and want to see what they need, you can yell through the door and ask what they want. If you do choose to ignore the knock, don’t pretend you are not home. These things could give a burglar the idea you are not home and they will walk in and could become a danger. If you choose to ignore, turn on a light, turn the TV up so they know you are ignoring them.

Set The Door Chain
A door chain can allow you to speak to someone outside but not revealing the insides of your home. We recommend replacing the basic screws that come with the door chain. These screws cannot brace for the impact of someone barging in. 

Protecting Your Home
Above are listed a few habits that you can take to help prevent the wrong people from spying on your house. But is there any equipment you can help prevent any worse case scenarios? Below is a list of some recommendations. 

  1. Have a dog – a dog is not only a great companion but a great deterrent for unwelcome guests. Even the yelping dogs can draw attention to your neighbors and scare off a burglar. 
  2. Install a security camera – Just one camera on the front porch can see who is at the door but also who is walking up the street and in your area.
  3. Install an intercom system – These are an effective way to communicate outside without answering the door.

Closing Thoughts
Some people will take advantage of those of us who feel comfortable at our homes and in our neighborhoods. Take the necessary steps to make sure you are protected from these people. We recommend that you prepare yourself and just be aware of the possibilities that can be around you.

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