How Do Burglars Break In?

Security Tip of the Day: Know Thy Enemy
In the case of burglars breaking into your home, there is no full proof way to prevent them from breaking in. But if you know how they could potentially, you can catch them or even prevent them from coming in. 

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Story Of The Day: Burglar Break Ins
Burglars are sneaky creatures and do a lot to break in your home. This is how they make a living, breaking in to your house, stealing your electronics and jewelry and selling them for cheap because they didn’t spend anything on them. Below is a list of the typical locations they use and how to prevent a break in in that location. 

The Back Door
A lot of us leave the house and leave the backdoor unlocked just in case we forgot out keys or they happen to fall down the sewer drain. This is a common thing for a lot of people but burglars know this and take full advantage of its uses. The best way to prevent burglars from just walking in your back door is to take steps to prepare yourself. First things first, make a spare house key and give it to a neighbor or close relative. Someone you trust and can have easy access to contact if you need the key. The next thing you would do is to remember your keys and lock the back door. It’s an easy step for saving all your valuables

It is summer time now and most of us are opening our windows to save on the electric bill. The problem is, burglars know that screen windows are easy to break in and make no noise doing so. For your protection, it is best to close all the windows and leave the AC on when your at work. Any way to make sure your home is locked up during the day. 

The Front Door
Many people decide to leave their front doors open if they are just running a quick errand in town. Well burglars can use this to their full advantage. No they may not steal your TV, computer, jewelry, or couch then, but they will walk in and maybe grab a spare key, a garage door opener, or even unlock your window for easy access later.

Closing Thoughts
What ever the reason, these type of people are crafty and will use any method they know to gain some sort of access to your home. These people make a living on knowing that you believe your safe. Don’t give them the advantage to invade your home. Some other methods of keeping out home invaders is to install a camera system. Some home invaders don’t think before they act and just barge right in without realizing you have a camera system. You will be able to point out their face from a camera and report it to the authorities. 

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