Adding DVR Software To Your Surveillance System Might Be More Beneficial Than You Think

dvrThere are a few things that tend to leave someone’s mind when they come into an establishment. A person enters a company’s facility. They go about their business, take care of what they need to take care of, and leave. What they may not have been aware of is that, 9 times out of 10, they were being monitored the entire time. No, not in the “Big Brother is watching” kind of way, but more in the “I want to keep my business and employees safe” kind of way. It’s way too easy to walk into a building and not even think about it, but these days companies need to monitor everything that goes on in their facility.

The use of security cameras is arguably the greatest device to ever come into use in terms of security. A surveillance system has helped many homes and businesses deter robbers and catch potential thieves in the act. They can even help in police reports. Should a random security camera get an image of a plate on the car of a potential criminal, it may come in handy. With all of the benefits that come from a basic surveillance system, however, it may not be enough these days. Sometimes you need a bit more to help maintain a sense of safety and security for both you and your employees.

So what should be the next step if you already have a surveillance system set in place? The answer is DVR software.

By implementing  a DVR with the right DVR software into your business or home security camera system, you are opening a lot more doors and giving yourself many more options when it comes to surveillance. Digital Video Recorders are already in use for commercial businesses. Remember Tivo? That was essentially a DVR. It does exactly what the name says: it records video for viewing purposes later.

Let’s say that your company has a break-in and no one was around to see  it or it happened after closing time. If you have a DVR set up and ready, you can come back, review the video footage, and help the police identify the criminal. If there happens to be any employee theft, you will be able to catch it. Suspicious activity happening in the office? Stock coming up a bit short a bit too consistently? You’ll be able to see what’s going on and who may be stealing from the company with the footage stored on the DVR.

But DVRs today also offer something that could quite possibly become the biggest asset to your surveillance system. It’s called remote viewing. By having the correct software installed onto your surveillance system, you’ll be able to monitor your business even when you aren’t there. As long as you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to get live feeds into the office building or home where your surveillance system is set up via any of your internet connected devices.

Perhaps your employees are already taking care of other customers and don’t happen to notice the shady looking pair of guys that just walked in. If you happen to see it from home via your tablet, you can call your employees right there on the spot and alert them to keep an eye on the people. Should anything further happen, you can call the cops right then.

The remote viewing feature can help stop a crime that might already be in progress or even help with employee safety by implementing another feature: motion detection alerts. If any motion is detected while you aren’t around, you will be immediately notified with an image of what caused the motion. If it was, in fact, someone trying to break in, you will have plenty of time to contact the police.

When you stop and think about it, a DVR with the proper DVR software installed can really push your surveillance system to the next level.

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