Do You Have Lightning Protection Devices For Your Security System?

Did you know that lightning strikes can cause significant damage to surveillance systems? If an unprotected camera is struck by lightning, this can not only kill the camera but also it can damage any of the connected devices, like video recorders or network switches. Indirect lightning strikes are when the electrical current branches off to any obstacles as it traverses its way to the ground. Any unprotected electrical equipment in contact with the surge has a low probability of survival.

A simple and cost effective solution is available to protect your devices from damage due to lightning and power surges. Safeguarding your equipment with power surge protection devices at each camera and video recorder is the only surefire way to save yourself from potential significant expenses in replacements or repair.

Lightning Protection Devices
IP and Analog Surge Protectors

Save your business from unnecessary expenses and possible security hazards due to damaged equipment with a cost-effective IP or Analog Surge Protector.

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