Middletown, Ohio Bank Saves A Few Dollars – Loses Priceless Information About Robbery


The video below is from a robbery at a bank’s ATM just a few miles from our office.

Perhaps it’s the closeness of this particular crime that makes us so angry. But in this case our anger goes a little deeper than you might imagine.

You see, the fact that at the time of the robbery that bank did not have a single camera outside the building infuriates us! Sure, like all ATM”s there is a camera inside the machine, but without cameras outside the bank ..so much useful information was lost that could have been used in the suspects apprehension.

Without cameras outside the bank the police  have lost the opportunity to:

– Get a complete visual description of the suspect
– Determine how the suspect arrived at the bank
– Determine if the suspect had any accomplices
– Determine if there were any additional witnesses
– Get a full description of the stolen (getaway) car
– Determine if the victim sustained any injuries
– Determine the direction the suspect fled

Just to name a few.

And to recap why this information was not available: So one of the nation’s top five banks, with over $300 billion in assets, could save a few hundred dollars!

If the victim was my wife, mom, grandmother, sister, or friend, I would be furious that her safety, and the safety of all the bank’s employees and customers, came in a distant second to just a few hundred dollars.

Now, there is another criminal on the loose. And all we have is video taken through two sets of double doors and a lobby, along with the fish eye camera in the ATM, to aid the police in their investigation.

So the next time you walk into a bank, a gas station, or even a thrift sore… and don’t see security cameras outside, ask a manger why not? And whatever excuse you hear, remember that  it really boils down to just a few hundred dollars, and  know that’s the price they are putting on your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

Should you have any information about this robbery contact the Middletown, Ohio Police at 513-425-7700.

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