Why You Need Security Cameras Watching Your Loading Dock


Loading docks are a very important part of any manufacturing or warehouse operation. Employees who operate loading docks will be the last to see the product before the customer or retailer receives the product, so proper security measures for these areas are essential.

Validating Loads

Usually if there is a problem with lost or damaged goods, it can be traced back to the loading dock. However, it is nearly impossible to see every inbound and outbound shipment without the use of a quality security camera system.

With a complete video record of the loading and unloading process, verifying a claim for lost or damaged goods has never been easier. Whether an employee damaged the load or forgot to add something, intelligently placed security cameras are key.

Employee Monitoring/Loss Prevention

Every employer wants to believe that they have the best employees, working diligently to ensure accuracy and maximum productivity, but this is often not the case. Having the ability to view these loading areas in real time is one of the best tools an employer can use to maximize efficiency.

Additionally if there is any theft of goods, it will be easy to make a claim and prove who it is to the authorities.

Improving Employee Safety179224265

Loading dock employees often have to move heavy loads as well as operate heavy machinery, like forklifts. Every employee should know the proper safety precautions, but being able to monitor these activities throughout the facility is imperative to ensure that any possible problems don’t go unnoticed and are fixed before an accident happens.

Traffic Efficiency

If loading dock operations aren’t efficient, you can lose valuable time and money. With a camera at each loading dock you can ensure than any awaiting truck can be guided safely to the loading dock as soon as it becomes available.

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