Did Sony Just Make A Mobile Security Camera System?

One of the biggest issues with security cameras is their placement. Some cameras can be mounted anywhere and remounted later. Others are set and stuck there for the longevity of their usage. This usually poses a problem. Depending on the field of vision for your camera, you still might be susceptible to intruders into your home or business, or theft. Think about this. Should a camera be placed, it has to be placed with thought. There has to be a purpose of the area in which it is placed. Even if your placement is good, that doesn’t mean that someone won’t be able to slip past or snag some of your merchandise. But what if there were a mobile security camera system? What if you could actually move your cameras whenever and wherever you wanted?

Well Sony may have done just that.

sony action cam

Sony has recently released their HDR-AS100V action camera. Now we have seen camera’s like this before. Case in point, the GoPro cameras that many of the extreme sports athletes use. But here is the kicker with Sony’s new action cams. Their can be more than one linked up at a time. How? Via their optional wrist controller. That is right! Should you have at least a few cameras, you essentially have your very own mini CCTV system.

These cameras are able to shoot and record video in 1080p at 24fps. They are even capable of slow motion capture and extra slow motion capture, ranging from 120fps to 240fps. While you might not need to record in that slow of a frame rate, the option is still a nice feature. The fact that the cameras are also “splash proof” means you don’t have to be AS worried as you may normally be with cameras around water. It also comes with an image stabilization feature, along with an embedded GPS system that can integrate maps. These cameras also come standard with timestamps. The only draw back of the timestamp feature is that you are going to need a pro suite of some sort.

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Now even though this is meant as an “action camera” and meant for more a sports orientation, think of the possibilities here. Again, up to 5 cameras all networked via the controller on your wrist, all recording at the same time, and with timestamps included. Should this be used on a more security level basis, you can have a pretty cost effective mobile security camera system. Your own CCTV system for on the go work. The ability to place these wherever you wish is also a plus. Since it was designed for more “action-y” purposes, it’s mounts may be a bit different to work with, but the mobility really does make up for it.

This has not seen it’s way out to the market just yet. We can expect to see these action cameras in March, and for $299 per camera. The bundle offer goes for $399 and comes with the optional wrist controller. All in all though, should you decide to pick this up when it drops, you are going to be looking at around $1,600 to $1,700 for your own mobile security camera network. Even with the price tag, it is not a bad call for the mobility and their potential.


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