Time To Invest In A New Security Camera System? Statistics Say So!

CamLogoStreet corners. Traffic lights. School hallways. The inside of your favorite department store. All of these places have something in common. What is that you may ask? Two words actually; Security Cameras. You’ve seen them just about every day with any establishment you walk into. You see some type of security camera outside or inside. These measures are taken for specific purposes, obviously. Whether it be to avoid theft, display evidence, or just for monitoring different situations, having security cameras and a good system are becoming a very common and invaluable asset. Many, cities, schools, homes, and businesses have already taken notice of that and are quickly adapting to this change. Should you?

The answer to that question is an emphatic “Yes.”

Statistics have shown how well a simple security cameras system can really benefit users. The National Center for Education Statistics and the Bureau of Justice Statistics have released many positive numbers and results in regards to safety and security in U.S. public schools. From just the 1999-2000 school year, only 19 percent of U.S. public schools were using at least one security camera, or more, to monitor their schools. From the 2009-2010 school year, that number has now jumped to 61 percent of U.S. public schools. Schools use these cameras the same way businesses do; to know what is going on in their building.

Still not convinced?

Then take a look at the Washington D.C. Police Department. These officers are relying more and more heavily on the use of security cameras. The city, much like Chicago, has a camera security network for surveillance purposes. The police dept. pulled surveillance footage from the 123 camera closed-circuit security network a total of 722 times in 2010. The year after in 2011, the police pulled video footage 796 times. Then in 2012, that number rose to 931 times. That is a 15 percent total increase from the previous fiscal year. The use of these cameras are actually becoming so effective that police from the area and other detectives are devising better and easier ways to deploy the cameras around.

2006 saw D.C.’s neighborhoods gain security cameras and their use is now common practice ¬†for police and detectives when they are tasked with controlling crime in troubled areas.

One statement that we can always rely on is that numbers don’t lie. It is just a fact. After seeing the benefits from the use of security cameras and the footage that they can capture, it can only be expected that their implementation will continue. The steady ¬†increase of law officials using security camera footage can’t be without good reason.

Are you worried about home invasion? Are you wanting to have your business or school feel a bit more secure? There is no better way than with security cameras. Prevent business theft, monitor the hallways, and just sleep safer at night. Statistics do not lie. The time to invest in a new security camera system isn’t after the worst happens, it is before. Remember, there is a reason why officers rely so much on surveillance footage; it doesn’t lie.

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