Burglaries On The Rise: Securing Your Home or Business

“Knock, knock, burglar”. A common sound, that’s on the rise, where criminals target homes they thing are empty. In fact burglars hit more than a million homes across America last year with an average loss of nearly 2,200 dollars, according to reports from the FBI.

To make it worse burglars are getting smarter, and they know that certain actions raise suspicion. There are ways that these crooks break into your home without alerting neighbors or pedestrians, even in the middle of the day.

Alarm systems can be decent deterrents, but most of the time criminals are in and out before the police have time to arrive.

In one instance, security camera footage caught a woman walking up and knocking on the front door of a home; once no one came to answer her partners in crime broke in from the back.

A simple surveillance camera installation on your residence can deter these crimes from happening or catch perpetrators in the act so justice can be served and your belongings returned.

By the time criminals realize you have a surveillance camera system it will already be too late, as the footage is uploaded onto a network video recorder wirelessly.
After reading this, you might be inclined to go to your local Best Buy or Walmart to get one of their consumer-class (second-rate) surveillance systems. Finding someone to sell you a security camera isn’t the hard part, finding someone to sell you the right camera at the right price can be difficult.

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