The Top 2014 Security Cameras For Your Home

Samsung iPolis SNO-5080RIt is never too late to start thinking of new ways to ensure your home remains safe. There are many different ways to make sure your home is adequately set up so that you can sleep soundly and safely at night. With movies like Paranormal Activity and The Purge, we see security camera systems used that give the characters the evidence they need to support their accusations of ghosts and demons, or give them a sense of safety knowing that they are able to properly monitor their homes. Now this is not to say that you will need to make the investment to find ghosts or keep marauding psychopaths from entering your home, but it is never a bad idea to keep your home monitored and safe from crime. As it is the end of the year however, you may be looking for the best that the new year has to offer. So lets take a look.

VB-C60 From Canon

The VB-C60 security camera from Canon has many different features but two of the biggest things that it loves to boast is the 40x optical zoom along with its very nice 56 degree wide angle lens. These two features working in conjunction with each other are able to offer a beautiful high resolution picture. The camera also comes standard with an advanced auto focus system that keeps an extremely clear and smooth picture during the entire zooming process, whether it be through the 40x optical zoom or the 4x digital zoom. The cameras use of low dispersion glass is also a very nice touch. Since the low dispersion glass is in place, colors true to their original hues. The F1.6 diameter lens paired with the cameras high sensitivity CCD make for great color contrast even in low light situations.

CAM-PT624-B From Night Owl

Ok, so maybe you are more of a Night Owl fan, and there is nothing wrong with that. Well we all know that pan and tilt cameras offer the best coverage due to their ability to well… pan and tilt, which is exactly what the Night Owl CAM-PT624-B does. Although it is designed for just indoor usage is still supports excellent picture quality due to its 600 TV Lines resolution rate. It offeres a slightly bigger 60 degree angle lens, and the pan and tilt features can be directly controlled via the internet. That means, from your phone or tablet or any other remote location, you can now pan and tilt the camera to move in the angle that you need to get a better picture of. The camera comes with a 1 year warranty along with a ceiling mounting bracket for easy set up and installation.

FD8371EV From Vivotek

The new fixed dome camera from Vivotek, the FD8371EV to be exact, is slated for release in early 2014 and is looking to be quite the shiny new toy. The largest boast from the new camera is the extremely high resolution rate. Offering 30 fps at a 3 megapixel resolution or 60 fps at a 1080p resolution rate, the camera is going to bring a tremendous image quality to the table. Designed for outdoor usage, it also will come standard with “Smart IR” technology built into it. This means that the camera will be to instantly adjust its anti-overexposure and IR light intensity based on the surrounding light changes in the environment. The cameras 3D Noise Reduction technology also is quite the touch as it will be able to provide high quality video in low light situations which will, in turn, help to lessen the bandwith from the sensor noise. Vivotek is bringing out the big guns for 2014 it would seem.

There are many different security cameras to choose from this day in age, but these three are likely to be the top contenders for 2014. If you are looking to make a sound investment for the protection of your home or business, starting with these 3 options is likely to be your best bet.

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