Night Vision Security Cameras

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There are always those times after watching a scary movie where we feel like our home isn’t safe enough. Always worried about burglars breaking in, possibly when we aren’t home and don’t even know. These fears grow at night. It’s important to know what your home security options look like.

Popular home security ideas:
– Door and window alarm systems
– Security cameras
– Licensed firearms
– Security personnel

Infrared Security Cameras
If you put every option above into motion, then you wouldn’t have anything to worry about. But that just isn’t realistic. So, a good place to start would be a surveillance system with night vision security cameras. IR cameras are very affordable, reliable, and quite easy to use. They let you see from a pretty good distance in complete darkness, which allows you to have a much better chance at recording and catching an intruder. Night vision surveillance has been around for quite a while and has become more developed over the past few years. This results in lower cost and smaller size.

Night Vision Cameras: The Idea Choice
Whatever size house or yard you have, big or small, infrared CCTV cameras are a wonderful investment. These cameras are fitted with auto-iris lenses that work very well in situations where light is changing. If you find yourself surrounded by complete darkness, a regular every day security camera is not going to capture anything, but an IR camera is sure to take quality photos and videos in those conditions.

What Makes it an infrared Camera?
A camera’s lux is the amount of light that it needs to take a high quality picture. A camera with a lower lux is going to see way better in low light settings than one with a higher lux. Infrared cameras have a lux of 0.0, which allows them to be able to see in total darkness. They are also equipped with infrared LEDs which project infrared light into the darkness. This illuminates the area with light that is only visible to the camera.

Night vision security cameras have a resolution of at least 420 TV lines, but usually more. They have optimal-sized Sony CCD (Charge Couple Device) chips for high quality videos, very clear videos. They come in pretty much any form: Bullet cameras, dome cameras, box, PTZ, anything and everything.

There is a Camera to Suit All Situations
For just about every need, there is a CCTV camera to take care of it. Most security camera types are available in infrared low light models, so you can choose what works best to take care of your specific needs.

A solid choice for anyone would be a vandal resistant, outdoor, IR, dome security camera. They are capable of outdoor surveillance without having to worry about a potential vandal destroying it, or it getting ruined by the weather. You also don’t need to worry about a camera housing because of the camera’s construction.

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