New Throwable 360 Degree Panorama Camera From Panono

Throable 360 CameraAny good man who is tasked with the duty of marketing is always trying to come up with something new and exciting to work over the consumer. The first way we are all marketed to, is through images. Pictures. Stills. Photographs. Whatever you like to call them, they create memories, and have the ability to leave us with a plethora of different emotions. Panoramic views in cameras are starting to become more and more popular, especially in a social media sense. A picture can start the idea for a new wave or marketing ideas. A picture, nowadays, is worth a lot more than just 1,000 words, or 1,000 likes if we are talking social media status.

The ability to capture panoramic pictures has been marketed in a few different types of technology, the iPhone being one of them. A panoramic view can be described as an unobstructed and wide view of an extensive area in all directions. Most of the time a panoramic view is only up to a certain direction, but now Panono is offering us the ability to see in full 360 on a consumer scale.The new throwable Panono Panorama Camera can do just that.

This new camera concept was first done, as with every product, on a prototype scale. The video for the cameras first test run has now hit over 3 million views. The creator of this new camera, Jonas Pfeil, stated that he received “thousands of emails from people wanting to buy the camera”, and so began the redesign process.

The camera is stated to be able to capture everything is 360 degrees, and the extremely high 72 megapixel count means pictures will be extremely high quality. The slated consumer design of the ball camera uses 36 tiny cameras spread out equally from each other and is encased in transparent plastic with a groove at the base so that a “stick” may be used to hold up the camera and take the picture. However, this is not how the main function of the camera works. The camera will actually take a picture automatically at the apex of a throw into the air, when it is in least motion. You can then view the pictures via the companion app, which shows the pictures in an, almost, augmented reality sense. All one must do is point their mobile device or tablet in the direction of the part of the picture that you want to see and everything will be shown automatically.

The Panono camera is on its 4th day of its IndieGoGo campaign has already met, roughly, one-third of its $900,000 goal. The implications of product on a marketing scale could become a very good niche for certain businesses, even architects, graphic designers, or animators. This could be a way to capture everything that needs to be seen in order to create the proper graphics, animations, environments, or even the perfect view of the next tech conference. This technology could even see its way into the security camera market eventually.

The new Panono Panoramic Camera is speculated to run you about $549 once it hits the market.

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