New DIVAR Digital Recorders From Bosch Offer Highest Resolution

Bosch LogoClarity. A simple word that can mean so much to some, whether it be metaphoric or even literal. We all want things to be clear. Especially when it comes to our security cameras. We NEED clarity. That one clear shot could mean the difference between a murderer getting away and him getting identified and captured. It could mean the difference in thousands of dollars in lost sales and finding out which person or employee has been stealing the entire time. When you decide to get a security camera system installed, one would expect the clarity of their camera to add some peace of mind to their every day life. Well Bosch’s new DIVAR Digital Recorders can offer that one that that we would all want in a home or office camera security system: Clarity.
So lets see some specs. What can the new DIVAR Digital Recorders offer in terms of security and clarity? To start out, the new DIVAR cameras are offering the highest quality analog resolution currently available on the market. Sporting 720 TVL, or television lines, on a 960H camera means a better and bigger picture. 30% more horizontal picture to be exact! The HDMI outputs also help support HD video imaging to give the best and clearest image possible. This bad boy even records at 30 frames per second, which is standard for normal HD picture, and even offers the ability for remote access through an internet browser and apps for your devices. All of that combined with LED monitors and you have a recipe for recreating the highest quality and most consistent image to give you all the information you need should something happen at home or at the office that needs to be investigated. The system can even be configured to record at lower resolutions in order to save on storage and bandwidth usage, which can come in handy if you tend to keep recordings for certain periods of time.
This new camera system is offering the best in analog resolution that is out right now. A very big claim to make, but still not one to take lightly. With all of the bells and whistles that have been added to this new DIVAR digital recorder system, and all of the functions, being able to have this monitoring your home or office building could have some really great advantages for your security. Again, clarity is the key word in all of this. The fact that the 960H cameras are able to basically record in HD as well as lower resolutions almost leaves no reason to not add this to the place you may need it most. After all, can you really put a price on the safety of your loved ones or your business. I certainly don’t.

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