Migrating from Analog to IP?

Is your business thinking about upgrading from an analog-based security camera system to a digital IP system? There is a wide variety of advantages IP cameras have over analog when considering an upgrade.

The question: what are the advantages that IP camera specifications have over analog? The answer: almost everything.

Businesses must consider installation of IP cameras at their facilities any time when you must capture any kind of high-detail. This might include the ability to recognize someone’s face, the capacity to zoom and capture a license plate number, or any other sensitive location where multiple people or objects must be analyzed. The fact of the matter is: analog cameras just can’t get the job done anymore. And the proof is all in the video.

IP vs. Analog Video Screenshot
IP vs. Analog Video Screenshot (above)

Here (above) we see a full-sized comparison; this is an image of both an IP and analog video, respectively, at full resolution.

So you’ve decided by now that it’s time to upgrade to an IP-based surveillance system, but now there is a new problem: most businesses are wired via a coax cable, which is standard for analog camera systems. However, IP security cameras must use CAT 5 (or CAT 6) cabling and wiring a completely new system throughout a facility is not going to be cheap; the bigger the facility the more expensive and complicated the process could be.

The solution: Ethernet over Coax (EoC) transmission technology. By utilizing the preexisting coax cable, the EoC solution provides an easy solution: quick installation with minimal disruption to an organization’s operations. This means you won’t have to run (or re-run) cabling throughout your entire facility, which preserves the integrity of the building while greatly reducing installation cost. With the ability to connect and power up to 4 IP cameras over a single CCTV Network Coax Cable, this technology is simply a must-have if you are trying to properly secure all angles of your facility.

The fact of the matter: if you want the highest resolution video available it is time to upgrade to an IP-based surveillance camera system, and often the best option would be through an Ethernet over Coax system.

Source: NVT: Youtube: Introducing the NVT Ethernet over Coax EoC Transceiver with PoE Power

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