Moxa Debuts New Outdoor VPort P26 IP Dome Camera

Moxa VPort P26Moxa has just announced the release of a new IP dome camera that gives users a more reliable video surveillance performance in harsh outdoor situations. Known as the Moxa VPort P26 outdoor IP dome camera, this device is able to operate in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 122°F without the need of a fan or heater.

The camera is housed in an extremely rugged metal enclosure with IP66 rain/dust protection and an IK10 vandal-resistant dome cover. In addition to that, the camera is designed to withstand impacts of up to 20 joules, which is roughly the impact caused by an 11-pound weight dropped from a height of about 16 inches.

The camera also has built-in protection from electromagnetic interference and surges as well as a dehumidifying membrane that prevents damage from internal moisture. An SDHC SD card slot also permits local storage of video in the event of a network outage.

Aside from industrial strength features, this camera also features superior imaging performance. It is capable of capturing high-quality images at an 800×600 SVGA resolution and three simultaneous H.264/MJPEG video streams at up to 30 fps while also including an IR Cut Filter for use in day/night operations.

Images are enhanced thanks to a built-in 3D-DNR Digital Noise Reduction and Wide Dynamic Range, which produces more vibrant images in backlit conditions. The vari-focal lens, which is adjustable, can accommodate viewing lengths from 2.2 mm to 12 mm, offering a larger range than cameras with fixed lenses.

The VPort P26 can receive power through standard IEEE 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet technology, allowing it to use the same cable for a network connection. Energy consumption is also reduced due to the lack of an internal fan and heater, which typically consume a lot of power in traditional outdoor cameras.

Source: Security Info Watch – Moxa’s VPort P26 Outdoor Dome Camera

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