Video Surveillance Systems For Supply Rooms

  We as people always want to believe the best in the people we hire, but to be honest, sometimes we need a little extra comforting to make sure the business is running as smoothly  and honestly as it should.  We can talk about limitless places we can put a security camera to be a witness to a theft, an accident, or just to monitor progress but one of the best places that is overlooked too often is your supply room.  Supply rooms house everything from small screwdrivers and prescription drugs, to electronics that cost your company money.In our modern world, it is too easy for someone to steal an item and no one can really prove where the item went.  With security cameras you can do so.  What makes modern security cameras so great at monitor spaces is their ability to see in the dark, to record on motion, to send email alerts based on motion, and even facial recognition!  As a consumer we are no longer stuck with old cameras that are grainy and blurry where no one can really tell who it was or what was taken. With modern IP cameras we can definitely tell who it was, and what was taken!  Another great feature is that all recordings are automatically stored digitally with no VHS Tapes!

Video is available to all computers on the network.   There even is a CD/DVD-Rom device that can put evidence on a CD/DVD-Rom. The files can be played back on any windows computer.

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