TKH Releases New Siqura 820 IP Security Camera Line

TKH Siqura 820 lineTKH Security Solutions has just released its new Siqura 820 IP camera line, which provides a complete range of full high definition IP box, fixed dome and PTZ dome cameras. Each of these cameras are also designed for optimal performance as well as ease of use, making the installation and usage process fast and simple.

In order to facilitate installation, the FD820M1 and FD820M1IR fixed dome cameras are both equipped with a motorized lens that allows you to adjust the right angle of view and focus images easily and remotely. In addition to that, the intuitive web-based user interface allows operators to focus cameras wherever they happen to be installed by simply pushing a single button.

The BL280M1IR, one of the other new cameras released by TKH, is a full HD IP box camera that comes with built-in IR lighting in a robust housing that allows for immediate use in outdoor installations. The camera itself is fully self-sufficient and incorporates cable management, heating, sunshield, IR illuminator and a motorized lens into a single, compact unit, which makes it perfect and easy to install in any location.

The last camera, the BC820H1, has integrated optics that allow operators to adjust the 18x optical zoom and autofocus of this full HD IP camera from any location on the network. This allows you to streamline installation as well as operation while improving the overall performance of the surveillance system.

If you are looking for some compact, useful, full HD IP surveillance cameras, the all new Siqura 820 IP security camera line from TKH Security Solutions is something you should look into. Each camera in the series has a host of useful features and every camera has the ability to autofocus and focus remotely, providing an all around easier installation and management of your security system.

Source: Source Security – TKH Security Solutions introduces a new line of full HD IP surveillance cameras

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