IC Realtime Updates Software and Apps for Apple Users

IC RealtimeWhen it comes to security systems, nothing really compares to using a Windows PC. Windows PCs have become a staple in the security field as Macs just can’t hold their own as far as hardware and functionality are concerned. However, IC Realtime is attempting make Apple a factor with a few new security products.

IC Realtime recently debuted the latest version of its software at CEDIA Expo 2012. The software allows end users to view surveillance camera images natively with Macintosh software, including the latest OS X from Apple, Mountain Lion. In addition to that, IC Realtime announced a new iPhone and iPad app.

This new app permits users, whether they are using it for home security or business security, to see up to 16 cameras simultaneously while also allowing them to fully manipulate pan/tilt/zoom controls via gestures. This app seems like it would be more useful on the iPad, however, as the small screen of the iPhone may make looking at 16 different screens a bit tricky.

Andrew Nassar, West Coast Regional Manager for IC Realtime, advises integrators looking for CCTV cameras and DVRs to seek out security equipment that will natively integrate with a control system.  Nassar also suggests using 1080p high-definition cameras when the application calls for long-distance viewing. Otherwise, standard definition cameras with 480 lines of resolution should do just fine.

Apple isn’t a major contender in the realm of security, though the popularity of the iPhone and iPad make the integration of apps for these devices a smart move for companies. Users who have these devices typically use them religiously and the ability to view and control their camera feeds directly from their device is something a lot of people are interested in.

Source: CEPro – IC Realtime Debuts Apple-Friendly Surveillance

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