Maspro Develops Pet-Tracking Security Camera, Allows You to Stalk Your Cat Wherever it Goes

Maspro pet-tracking security cameraSecurity cameras are a booming industry right now because many people are very concerned about their security both at home and at work. Homeowners and business owners alike are installing security cameras left and right to keep an eye out for intruders or to maintain a certain peace of mind whenever they are away. However, security cameras may have been taken to an extreme thanks to Maspro.

Your average homeowner installs a security camera system on the outside of their house in order to make sure nobody is sneaking around or trying to break in. However, Maspro’s new system is designed to keep tabs on the inside of your house, more specifically to keep an eye on your pets.

The new system from Maspro is able to keep track and follow the movements of all your pets as they move about in your home. While this might sound crazy to most of you, it is actually a ingenious idea for the simple fact that some pet owners are crazy and will literally buy almost anything for their little cuddly critters. I kid you not when I say that I knew a woman who bought Ugg boots for both of her dogs (at a whopping $80 a pair, or $160 per dog) and also had them both on medication from a pet therapist for separation anxiety.

That is why $450 on a security system for pets doesn’t really surprise me. The system allows pet owners to check up on their animals via smartphone or any other internet-connected device, just in case they are worried that Mr. Mittens is scared at home all alone.

A 110-degree wide angle lens allows the camera to scan an entire room when it is fully zoomed out and the tracking system can zoom in as needed, allowing you to always keep the subject in frame. In addition to that, the system also includes sound and temperature monitors that are displayed as 24 hour graphs so that you can monitor the ambient room conditions, you know, if that is important to you for some reason.

The up side to this is that you can also use this system to monitor infants or elderly people, if by chance these infants and elders stay in the same room all day every day. Nevertheless, pet owners are crazy and are definitely crazy enough to fork out the cash for something like this.

Source: Gizmodo – Pet-Tracking Security Cameras Follows Fido’s Antics Around the Room

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