FLIR Announces New FC-Series of Thermal Cameras

FLIR FC-SeriesFLIR, the manufacturer of some of the most highly regarded thermal imaging cameras on the market today, has just announced that it will soon be releasing a brand new FC-Series of IP thermal cameras designed for security applications. The new camera series is said to be debuting at this year’s ASIS in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This new FC-Series of thermal cameras sets a new performance standard with Wide Dynamic Range Thermal, allowing for extremely superior image quality when other thermal cameras fail. Wide Dynamic Range thermal FC-Series cameras will give you the best image quality along with optimized video streams so that you will get the most accurate results from your analytics possible, no matter what kind of environment your cameras is located in.

In addition to that, the new FC-Series from FLIR is built to survive the harshest operating environments possible. The cameras themselves come with a cast metal, IP-66 enclosure along with surge protection beyond industry standards and de-icing for continuous operation in severe temperatures.

Cameras in the new FC-Series also come with four different power options: Standard, Power over Ethernet (PoE), 24 VAC and 12VDC. Having all these different power capabilities as options makes the FC-Series cameras compatible with a wide variety of installations. What’s more is that these cameras also provide simultaneous analog and IP video outputs, allowing them to work with legacy installations and be ready for network upgrades whenever you are.

FLIR definitely makes some of the most top-of-the-line thermal imaging  cameras, allowing you to record in complete and total darkness with night vision capabilities and in extreme weather with heat-sensing technology. The FC-Series should continue FLIR’s commitment to innovation and improve upon its past technology. More information is sure to come when the cameras are debuted at ASIS.

Source: Security Info Watch – Flir’s FC-Series Thermal Camera

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