New HD Security Camera Line from Lorex

Lorex HD SeriesLorex Technology Incorporated just unveiled another first-to-market product with the Lorex High Definition Series. The Lorex HD Series debut comes with an HD-SDI Digital Video Recorder with four 1080p high definition megapixel indoor/outdoor cameras with 80 ft night vision capabilities and a large capacity 2TB surveillance-grade hard disc drive for reliable 24/7 operation.

This new product from Lorex is designed to work as a stand-alone video surveillance system, though it can also be integrated into a home theater environment or existing security setup. Consumers have the ability to easily connect the system to any HDTV using an HDMI cable while remote viewing is supported on PC, Mac, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

In addition to that, this solution utilizes RG59 Siamese coax cable, transmitting uncompressed HD broadcast-quality video and power and making it perfect for DIY consumer market surveillance setups and ones that do not require professional installation.

This setup also boasts full 1080p HD resolutions in both live viewing and recording and produces outstanding HD video that can be digitally zoomed up to 6 times during live and playback modes without losing image quality. What’s more is that the new advanced Smart, Panorama and Multi-Time search features optimize the playback function, providing efficient and fast review of any and all recorded events.

According to Chairman and CEO of Lorex Reuben Klein, “With full 1080p high definition, the video quality is truly remarkable. Consumers have been used to HD quality in their everyday lives, now security cameras will finally live up to their expectations, delivering peace of mind in HD.”┬áThe Lorex HD Series is currently available online for select retailers, as well as on the Lorex web site.

Source: The Sacramento Bee – Lorex Introduces High Definition Security Camera Systems

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