New Wireless Pan and Tilt Camera Released by FrontPoint

FrontPoint SecurityFrontPoint Security has just announced a series of new wireless Pan and Tilt security cameras. These advanced video security devices offer a 350 degree panning radius along with enhanced 720p image resolution and an easy push-button wireless setup. In addition to that, these new cameras offer homeowners and small businesses high-quality video surveillance that is easy and convenient to use.

The launch of these new cameras by FrontPoint shows the company’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology and the ultimate solution in safe, simple and smart security. These cameras have a 125 degree tilt capability as well, providing a large field of vision.

Users have the ability to zero in on exactly what they want to see and, since the camera connects wirelessly to the internet, they can also access the camera feed from any device connected to the internet. You can use your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet to adjust the camera’s lens position and monitor live footage of your camera.

Setup is quick and easy thanks to the new and easy push-button configuration while the camera also has the ability to generate video clips as soon as it detects motion. Customers can also opt to receive these clips directly on their smartphone or computer or can choose to retrieve them from the FrontPoint customer web portal whenever they want to.

According to Co-Founder and Senior Adviser for FrontPoint Peter Rogers, “Customers want to be empowered to enhance their own level of security and control. In today’s mobile society, they expect services to be interactive and accessible online. With our advanced line of video monitoring cameras and services, customers can keep an eye on their home and loved ones, at any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world. With a much greater field of view, our Pan and Tilt camera now helps customers stay safer than ever before. The new push-button setup and enhanced wireless range make the camera simpler than ever to operate.”

Source: Virtual Strategy Magazine – FrontPoint Security Launches New Pan and Tilt Wireless Security Camera

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