The Money You Spend To Protect Your Business Could Be What Keeps You In Business

Warehouse Theft Prevented By Missing Object DetectionEveryone knows that employee theft is a very realistic concern, but just how prevalent is it?  The sad, bitter truth is very.  The US Chamber of Commerce estimates that about 40 billion dollars a year are stolen by internal theft.  To further compound the issue there is a troubling report that the FBI recently put out that lists employee theft as one of the fastest growing crimes in the USA.

So what can you do to help prevent employee theft? There are many things you can do, but the best way to deter and catch a thief is simple, having a security camera system in place.

The statistics above are frightening and I am sure a lot of the new business owners are thinking, “well those are large companies who don’t keep track of their employees”. But keep in mind that it is estimated that one-third of all new business fail due to employee theft.  All the more reason for new and small businesses to make sure you are keeping your business safe by having an up-to-date security camera system.

Today quality CCTV, and even IP based camera systems are more affordable than you might think. From indoor security cameras to outdoor, the money you spend to protect your business could, in fact, be what keeps you in business.

If you want a quote on a security camera system for your business, large or small, then contact today by calling 877-422-1907!

If you are serious about protecting your business, you can start by having a look at some of the packages has to offer. Complete professional grade four camera packages are available for as little as $750.

If you would like to learn more about protecting your firm from employee theft, please give Randy Lewis a call at  at 877-422-1907 x357. Randy specializes in building custom surveillance systems to meet your needs.

Written by Randy Lewis and Jeremy Uitto. Security Consultants with

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