Residential Video Surveillance

Have you ever thought about adding security cameras to your home?  Here are a few reasons why you might.

Protection from home invasion and burglary
While having a video surveillance system in your home does not itself prevent invasion and burglary, it does provide you with a detailed visual account of the invasion, enabling the homeowner to better take an account of what was stolen or perhaps who was stealing. Also, making it known that your home is being watched may very well discourage such burglars from attempting the invasion at all.

Baby/child monitoring
Home surveillance systems are great for monitoring children when you have to step into another room or want to make sure that the baby sitter is not being negligent or abusive. With the right features, you can even sync your PDA device to view the video, which is ideal for child monitoring.

Monitoring a bedridden loved one
If you are taking care of a loved one that is bedridden but can’t be constantly at hand, then having a home surveillance system is ideal. You can monitor them from anywhere in the house or even when you are away and want to be certain that any nurses are not being abusive or negligent.

Lawsuit Prevention
If anyone were to try to launch a lawsuit after being injured on your property, having a home surveillance system would allow you to verify with certainty the truth of the claims, enabling you to avoid the trouble of a lawsuit altogether.

There are many, many more reasons why you should be watching your home, but these are just some of the big ones.

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