Two New Indoor Infrared Security Cameras from SafeMart

SafeMart logoSafeMart recently debuted its very first series of indoor video surveillance cameras, which include infrared night vision technology. These wireless cameras offer powerful new indoor surveillance security through the latest in infrared technology, allowing the cameras to capture high definition images in varying levels of light.

SafeMart’s new Indoor Wireless IP Video Camera, known as the ADC-V520, and Indoor Wireless IP Video Camera with InfraRed, known as the ADC-V520IR, are able to record and capture images in high definition quality and come with full color 720P resolutions. In addition to that, each camera has a longer wireless range for a greater ability to secure an entire area.

Installation of these cameras is also fast and simple and is completed with a simple push-button process. Both of these cameras also offer high, medium and low-resolution image capture options, depending on your need, as well as adjustment options for brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness and exposure. The ADC-V520IR also comes with a clear night vision image capture, allowing it to provide state-of-the-art security 24/7.

According to President of SafeMart Chris Johnson, “With so many ways to customize your video cameras, it’s easy to make sure the camera is providing the best image and service to the customer. That’s really what we’re about here at SafeMart: giving our customers the best equipment, best service and the best overall experience.”

Source: – Launches First Indoor Infrared Video Cameras

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