Audio on Security Cameras

Audio Recording

Digitally record and playback both audio and video at the same time. Data is stored on hard drive and can be easily transferred to CD-Rom or DVD.

See and hear what is going on. Video and audio are kept in and AVI file that can be read by any computer with RealPlayer or Windows Media Player installed.

Crime Scene Review

The audio recording feature ads another detention to crime scene investigations. See and hear the voice of the perpetrator and your employees.

Additional Uses:

Employee Monitoring

Hear your employee-customer conversations with other employees and customers. Employees can also be monitored remotely in real time via the 2 way audio over IP feature.

Employee Training

Utilize the GeoVision CCTV DVR System to train new employees with an audio-video presentation of your place of work, your actual employees and customers! Copy files to CD-Rom or DVD.
Warning Regarding Audio: Federal Law requires posting in conspicuous locations, signage that states “Audio Recording on Premises” or other notification. Please consult your local jurisdiction regarding posting of signs for audio recording.
More Information On The Law And Audio Recording

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