Surveillance Systems that Support Mac OS

Mac users, have you ever called a company and talked to a representative for a while about their product just for them to turn around and say, “Ohhhh, I’m sorry our product does not support Macs.”  If you have, then  we feel your pain. There are so many cameras systems out there that only support Windows/Internet explorer for viewing their system remotely and so few that readily support Macs.  So we ask: what about the Mac users who are concerned about their safety and the safety of their company?  Well, we have good news!  We here at have three camera systems that are Mac compliant, and every camera we sell will work with your system.

It may come as a shock to you that very few camera systems are Mac compliant, but it’s true.  The camera systems we have are very easy to use and allow you to remotely monitor them from anywhere using your Mac or Iphone.  The photo above is actually from an Iphone itself.  The great part about the camera systems is that they also work with Windows and Android, so if you are not at your Mac, you can use a friend’s PC to view your cameras.

If you have questions about cameras, give us a call at 877-422-1907.  We can do a live demo of our shop and show you exactly what you will be getting and just how easy it is to use one of your systems.  If you are not tech savvy, have no fear, we employ certified technicians to help you get your system up and running.

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