OmniVision and Marvell Debut Wireless Skype IP Camera Reference Design

OmniVision logoOmniVision Technologies and Marvell have just launched a wireless Skype IP camera that is designed to allow smartphones, tablets and notebooks to remotely access the camera’s video feed via the internet. The wireless Skype IP camera utilizes OmniVision’s low-power, high-sensitivity OV7740 CameraChip image sensor and Marvell’s advanced application processing and network solutions to enable a complete end-to-end security package.

According to Senior Product Marketing Manager for OmniVision Roy Karunakaran, “We’ve teamed up with Marvell to enable a camera that sets a new industry standard for easy-to-use home security systems. Reflecting the rapid growth of mobile computing markets, this wireless Skype IP camera is designed to operate seamlessly with Skype-video enabled smartphones, tablets and notebooks. This enables users to access their cameras from anywhere through a dedicated Skype ID on their mobile devices to get live high-quality VGA video.”

Michael Kao, Technical Marketing Manager for Marvell, added, “Previously, IP-based home surveillance systems were difficult to install and relied heavily on complex software configurations. The new Skype IP camera is an important advancement for out-of-the-box home security system providers. Combined with Marvell’s highly integrated application platform, remote access software and consumer-friendly design, I’m incredibly excited to see how providers will leverage this new technology to take home security systems to the next level.”

The single-chip OV7740 was built on OmniVision’s OmniPixel3-HS pixel architecture and captures clear VGA video at 60 fps. It then sends that data to the OV780 video and audio processor. The Marvell PXA168 application processor supports the Skype platform and allows the IP camera to act as a Skype video phone while the Marvell Avastar 88W8787 network solution enables video transmission over any high-speed WiFi network.

There is no word on pricing as of right now though finished cameras using this reference design are currently available from different manufacturers. Any other desired information will have to be retrieved from OmniVision.

Source: OmniVision Rolls Out Wireless Skype IP Camera Reference Design for Home Surveillance

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