Netgear Releases First IP Surveillance Suite for SMEs

Netgear logoNetgear has just announced the release of what it is calling the first ever IP video surveillance suite for SMEs. Known as the Netgear ReadyNAS Surveillance, this suite combines network video recorder software with support for up to 16 cameras along with remote access, a ReadyNAS storage device, a ProSafe switch featuring Power over Ethernet and five licenses for Netgear’s NMS200 network management software.

Unfortunately, no cameras are included with the suite, though the system does support over 1,000 models from name-brand vendors, according to Netgear officials. The list of supported vendors that was released by Netgear include Axis, D-Link, Linksys, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony with the ReadyNAS Surveillance software licensed on a per-camera basis.

According to Managing Director for Netgear Australia and New Zealand Ryan Parker, “Offering easy-to-use network video recorder software, ReadyNAS Surveillance makes it both affordable and simple for any small business to protect itself with an IP video solution. As an additional benefit, ReadyNAS Surveillance can be integrated with an existing Netgear ReadyNAS storage solution. This allows businesses to adopt surveillance solutions that work with an existing infrastructure for a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.”

Netgear isn’t the only company offering hardware and software for this market. Both Axis and D-Link are offering similar hardware and software as well, though only Netgear is offering an IP video surveillance suite for SMEs, or so the company claims.

Regardless, the Netgear ReadyNAS Surveillance suite is available now, but you should remember that no cameras are included. If you already have a camera system set up, this should work out fine for you but plan on spending some extra cash if you need cameras to go along with your suite. Though with compatibility with all the aforementioned camera providers you shouldn’t have a problem finding something affordable.

Source: IT Wire – Netgear packages video surveillance for SMEs

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