Vivotek Announces FD8372 5MP Fixed Dome Camera

Vivotek FD8372Vivotek has just announced its very first 5MP solution with its new FD8372 5MP fixed dome camera. The FD8372 comes with a 5MP sensor that enables it to have a viewing resolution of 1080p and up to 30fps. In addition to that, this camera supports the industry-standard H.264/MPEG-4/MJPEG compression technology and also utilizes a lot of advanced features, allowing you to fully customize the camera to your needs.

The FD8372 is also equipped with Smart Focus System, more specifically Remote Focus, that allows for easy, hassle-free installation and maintenance. Lenses with built-in stepping motors are also implemented, allowing installers to remotely control the focal length and adjust the camera focus to their exact needs.

As this is a true day/night camera, the FD8372 also comes with a removable IR-cut filter and IR illuminators that provide clarity and contrast 24 hours a day. The housing is also metal and vandal-resistant and provides adequate protection from tampering while the IP66 rated housing is also suitable for protection against the elements.

According to President of Vivotek USA Harry Hu, “We are very excited about the launch of 5-Megapixel solutions at Vivotek and confident that many industry professionals will benefit from them, particularly for vertical markets such as stadiums, parks, industrial warehouses and so on.”

Vivotek plans on releasing additional 5MP camera solutions in addition to the FD8372, including the IP8172 and IP8372. The first one, the FD8372 5MP fixed dome camera, will be available in Q2 of 2012, according to the company.

Source: Broadcast Newsroom – Vivotek Launches Its First 5-Megapixel Fixed Dome

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