IR Security Cameras See in the Dark

Having been in the camera security business for 25 years, we have come to understand that one of the biggest concerns people have is the ability to see in the dark. Be it in a home or business environment, people need to be able to see what is happening at night. Especially since most criminal activity happens after hours. Security cameras do you no good if it is 2am and you have a break-in and your surveillance system does not include infrared security cameras (also known as IR Cameras).

The price difference of an IR verses a non-IR camera can be very small depending on the environment in which you need it. IR cameras work best in small or confined spaces because far distance viewing in the dark requires more powerful emitters and can increase the cost of the camera significantly. For close quarter scenarios, it makes no sense to not go the extra mile to protect your home or business with an Infrared Security Camera because the extra cost is almost negligible.

The image you see below was taken from an iPhone app using a “$125 indoor / outdoor IR bullet camera (WBL-IR20S in our Security Camera Product Catalog) . This camera offers 12 built-in LED’s to allow up to 45 feet of visible range. It also offers intelligent IR technology, which allows the camera to produce clearer images by adjusting infrared emitters to keep the image consistent. Additionally, this intelligent IR technology reduces the “whiteout effect”.

Full Specs:
– Ultra High Resolution 600 TVL
– Fixed Lens (3.8mm)
– Intelligent IR Technology
– Built-in IR LED (12EA)
– IR Visible Range: up to 45ft
– Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)
– 12 VDC

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By Randy Lewis, CCTV Expert

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  1. That room was pitch black. I couldn’t even see the chair in front of me to set the monitor down so I could take a screen shot.

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