CCTV Security Cameras

Closed circuit television also known as CCTV, is the industry standard in surveillance security cameras. CCTV can be a single network of cameras or multiple networks of camera linked together via switches, internet, dvr or wide area computer technology. CCTV Video data is analog (unless using a Network IP Security Camera or NVR). The analog signal can be converted to digital via CCTV Digital Video Recorders. Once the video data is digital it can be managed just like any other computer data and can be stored automatically on computers and network storage devices.

Camera Security Now offers a wide selection of CCTV Security Cameras. There are several benefits of each type of security camera depending on their application. Businesses all over the nation have been turning to Business CCTV Security systems to protect their inventory and investments. The most commonly used for these businesses are Dome Security Cameras or Bullet Security Cameras. Some work better in different scenarios, see Bullet vs Dome Security Cameras.

Camera Security Now also has several Box Security Cameras, PTZ Security Cameras and Infrared (IR) Security Cameras. We can get you any type of surveillance system you need. Our experienced consultants know our products and only sell the best.

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