iCameraViewer App Supports Axis Cameras

A video surveillance camera app for the iPhone now supports Axis IP cameras as well as network video servers according to CCTV Camera Pros. The latest version of the app, known as the iCamViewer, gives users the ability to view up to eight security cameras remotely over the internet from an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The only downside is that the app does not currently support PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) controls, but they are rumored to become available in the future.

The iCamViewer also allows users to view CCTV cameras on their iPhone via video servers. You can also mix and match viewing cameras from different manufacturers. In addition to Axis, the app also has support for viewing Zavio and Vivotek IP cameras.

According to Mike Haldas, Managing Partner for CCTV Camera Pros, “CCTV Camera Pros’ research and development team continues to innovate and allow us to offer great products for video surveillance, like the free iCameraViewer iPhone app. We are extremely excited about the integration with Axis cameras being that Axis is the largest manufacturer of IP security cameras in the world. Our goal is to have the best free video surveillance iPhone app in the world. The feedback that we get from users is helping us do just that. We will continue to improve the iCameraViewer and add additional support for more manufacturers and models.”

There are a lot of different Axis cameras that are compatible with the app as well as a lot of Axis video servers including: 207MW, M1031-W, M1054, 210, P1311, P1346, 211, 211M, 221, 221 Night, Q1755, 209MFD, 216FD, 216MFD, 225FD, M3014, P3301, P3344 and Q7401. This is a limited number of cameras but any Axis camera should work.

Source: Security Camera Search

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