Security Gadgets Worth a Look

Personal security, whether it be for your home or business or whatever, is one of the fastest growing concerns in today’s world. It is sad to say that over the past few years, the rate of burglary and robbery has increased. With information like this, it is definitely a good idea to invest in a personal security system. When most people think of security systems, they typically think of security cameras. However, there are a lot of other different security devices out there that are worth looking into if you want a personal security system.

Digital Video Security System
Digital Video Security Systems are comprehensive surveillance kits. With one of these devices you will be able to keep an “all seeing” eye on whatever you desire. A typical system like this will get you between four and six cameras which can be installed indoors or outdoors. High end systems can come with motion sensors as well as mobile feeds which allows you to stream your footage over the internet in real time.

Smart Scan Keyless Lock
A Smart Scan Keyless Lock is like something straight out of a Mission: Impossible movie. The device uses a sub-dermal scanner to identify a person’s fingerprint before entrance is granted. This even comes in handy for people who constantly lose or misplace their keys. These devices can retain fingerprint memory even on a low battery and some of them are even bump and drill resistant.

Keyless Locking Mailbox
What many people don’t know is that one of the biggest areas of theft is mail theft. People will swipe your mail in hopes of getting any information they can to help them steal your identity. If this is a big worry for you, then a keyless locking mailbox is perfect you. A keyhole is replaced by a numeric keypad that is touchscreen. Punch in your four digit access code and the box opens up with ease.

Back-Up Power Supply
The first thing many burglars do when they attempt to break in is cut the power supply to your home. No power means no cameras, no alarms and no phones. However, if you have a back-up power supply, then you have nothing to worry about. There is a good variety of back-up power supplies that can give you 24 hours of power or only a few hours of power, it is completely up to you.

The first step in having a security system is knowing what is good to have around. You cannot go wrong with any of these devices, and all of them could be the difference in preventing you from being a victim of inadequate personal security.

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