Tennessee Security Cameras

Which Security Camera is Right for Your?The state of Tennessee is home to 6,214,888 people, making it the 17th-largest state in the country. It’s also home to Memphis and Nashville, two of the nation’s largest cities. As a matter of fact, Nashville is considered one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the United States. Over the last two decades people have flocked to Tennessee from other states due to the low cost of living and the growing health care and automobile industries located there.

Unfortunately, a rapidly growing population often means an increase in crime. In 2009 369,598 people were arrested in the Volunteer State. These arrests included almost 500 murders, over 2,000 rapes, over 97,000 cases of simple assault, nearly 64,000 burglaries, over 67,000 cases of vandalism, over 15,000 cases of motor vehicle theft, and over 1,200 incidents of arson.

Could any of these crimes have been prevented? It’s possible, and one way to do that is by adding more security cameras to businesses, schools, and government buildings. Security cameras have been known to deter would-be criminals in many situations. Imagine you are about to rob a store, but you see a camera watching your every move. Wouldn’t you think twice about committing the act? In the event a criminal doesn’t see the camera or doesn’t care, law enforcement agencies can use the security camera footage to catch and even prosecute anyone who commits a crime in your business. This prevents them from committing the same crime at other locations in your area or even returning to your location to cause more damage.

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