Soccer Mom Burglar Caught on Camera

Axis M3006-VWhen Rhonda Faye Rollinson broke into Ken Olson’s Hall County, Georgia home one morning, she had no idea it would lead to her arrest. Olson is a security camera installer and often uses his own home to test the equipment he works with.

Rollinson had been dubbed the “Soccer Mom Burglar” by Atlanta-area media because Colonel Jeff Strickland of the Hall County Sheriff’s Office said the clothing she wore while committing crimes could “fall into the ‘soccer mom’ category.” The 41-year-old Rollinson was able to easily blend in with the other people in the neighborhoods where she was committing her crimes because of the way she dressed. Strickland said she “looked like a normal person.”

Olson’s home is equipped with eight security cameras and he says he can’t believe Rollinson didn’t see them. Her picture was caught on five of the eight. She entered the home through the basement window and exited through the front door and was only inside for a minute, long enough to steal a laptop. Olson turned the video over to detectives and because he was able to get pictures of both her face and her car, detectives were able to link her to previous burglaries in the area and eventually arrest her. She’s being held without bond and has been charged with three counts of burglary. Her boyfriend, Benjamin Finley was also charged with theft by receiving and obstruction.

Tons of stolen goods such as digital music players, cameras, laptops, and guns were found in the woods behind the home where Rollinson was arrested. She has been linked to at least three burglaries in homes in the Flowery Branch, Georgia area, all of which she allegedly entered during daylight hours, while homeowners weren’t home. She a previous arrest record for burglary from the 90’s, and she was also accused of trying to run over one of her victims. More charges may be pending.

About half of the stolen property has been identified. If you’re missing items that you think may have been stolen by the Soccer Mom Burglar, contact the Sheriffs Department’s Criminal Investigation Division at 770-531-6879.

Meanwhile, Olson is proud of his security cameras and told local media, “It’s a comforting feeling to know that when you’ve been violated in that way that there’s some recourse, and that they can track them down with the video evidence.” He was, however, disappointed that none of his eight surveillance cameras were able to catch Rollinson’s car’s license plate. Determined not to ever let that happen again, Olson has since installed a ninth camera that will catch video of all vehicles entering his neighborhood.

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