Courthouse Security Cameras

In January of this year, a man named Johnny Wicks lost a Social Security claim in Las Vegas. A few months later, Wicks walked into a federal courthouse in Las Vegas, pulled a gun from his jacket and began shooting, killing a court security officer and injuring a deputy United States marshal. Wicks was chased, shot, and killed outside of the courthouse by federal marshals and law enforcement agencies were able to take surveillance video from the building to check to be sure he was the only gunman.

Disturbances like this are not a daily occurrence in courthouses, but they certainly do happen, and often times, they are very violent and even deadly. Tensions are high in court and this can often lead to disruptions, fights, and even in some cases, shootings. This is one reason why placing security cameras in your courthouse is absolutely necessary.

Courthouse Security Cameras have been known to:

-Prevent Violence: When a would-be criminal knows they are being watched by security cameras, they are less likely to commit a criminal act.

Protect Employees: When an incident such as the shooting mentioned above does occur, courthouse employees are usually the first ones to get hurt. From judges to security staff, there have been any number of incidents that involve courthouse employees being injured or killed and if security cameras are being monitored, sometimes violence can be prevented.

– Provide Evidence: In the event your courthouse does host violence or other criminal activity, when security cameras are rolling, they are more-than-likely recording footage of the incident(s). This footage can be used, not only for law enforcement to release pictures and videos to the media, in an effort to catch a suspect, but in court to prove the suspect actually committed the crime.

If you are planning to install security cameras in your courthouse and need some help deciding where to put them, there are a few things to keep in mind. Check out the tips below before having your cameras installed:

– Place cameras where you don’t already have security. If you already have other security measures in place, such as security officers or guards, place your cameras in areas where those measures aren’t as effective.

– Have you had past incidents in your courthouse? Do they occur in certain areas? Are your courtrooms often subject to violence or maybe you have a courtyard area that is often subject to vandalism? These are areas that definitely require security cameras.

– Placing cameras at all exits and entrances is a great idea because you are able to capture images of anyone who enters and leaves your courthouse.

– Lobbies, hallways, and other areas where many people may gather at once usually attract violence because of the sheer number of people around. Criminals can blend in or inflict harm on many people at once.

– Cameras inside the courtroom are also a must. Tensions are high and people often learn their life’s fate in these rooms. No one knows how someone could react to that news.

– Cameras should be placed outside your courthouse, as well as inside. Disputes often happen outside a courthouse where two opposing parties may confront one another. Also, vandalism can be a problem in parking lots, courtyards, rest areas, and any other area outside your courthouse.
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