Stupid Security Guard Caught on CCTV

One of the advantages of having security cameras in your business is having the ability to monitor employees and prevent employee theft. It’s a proven fact that when employees know they are being watched by security cameras, they are more likely to give a better job performance. With this in mind, you would think a security guard of all people would know better than to commit a crime at his own place of employment. Not so for a man named Justin Hortz.

Hortz is a security officer at a convenience store in Australia. On Saturday, June 26, at 11:35 PM, a teenager and her boyfriend were in the store, shopping. At some point, the girl noticed her wallet was missing and she called local police. The police, along with store staff, viewed the security camera footage from when the girl was in the store and Hortz was immediately identified as the thief. He was off-duty at the time.

According to the camera footage, the girl put her wallet on the counter and when she wasn’t looking, Hortz put his hand over it and slid it off the counter and into his pocket.

The wallet contained $110, as well as the girl and her boyfriend’s personal identification. Hortz took the wallet to a local Domino’s pizza restaurant, ordered a pizza and left the wallet in the restaurant. Police found it and returned it to the girl.

Hortz plead guilty, claimed he was very drunk, and was fined $500 for stealing the girl’s wallet.

I’m not sure whether this story should be filed under “stupid employees,” “stupid criminals,” or both, but either way, it proves that having a quality surveillance system installed in your business can help prevent and solve crime.

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