Illegal Activity Caught On Camera in Colorado

Illegal Activity Caught On Camera in Colorado

The Police Department in Trinidad, Colorado is putting city security cameras to good use. Recently, they caught four young people on video, participating in illegal behavior at the city skate park. Last week, the kids were caught smoking marijuana in the park on Sunday night. The incident was caught by a dispatcher who just happened to be monitoring the camera. An officer was sent to the scene and citations were issued.

Trinidad Police Chief Charles Glorioso had high praise for the surveillance technology. He told the Trinidad Times, “That’s the whole reason we put (the camera) there, trying to keep the park clean and safe. But, apparently the kids – maybe they don’t believe the technology is as good as it is. We can really zoom in and see faces and identify people with them.”

Not only is the park’s camera in plain sight, but it has a sign underneath it which lets people know the park is under surveillance. Even so, the drug-related incident was just the most recent in a line of issues that have plagued the city and were caught on camera. In may, a young person was caught on camera vandalizing the park with graffiti and was charged a fine, given six months of probation, and made to serve 48 hours of community service. In June, 23-, 18-, 17-, and 14- year olds were caught in 36 various graffiti incidents. The vandals will be assisting the city’s Graffiti Removal Task Force with cleaning up the town’s vandalized property.

Glorioso said people should be more aware of the cameras, which are often monitored by dispatchers, “That whole park is monitored, and I want to let them know what dispatch has the capability of accessing that camera and zooming in…a lot of dispatchers use the cameras on their downtime. It’s like having extra officers out there patrolling.”

Cameras are located at the intersection of Main Street and Nevada Avenue, Cimino Park, Miners Memorial Park, and Central Park are also minored by the Trinidad Police Department, in addition to the one at the skate park.

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