Don’t Leave Your Small Business Vulnerable

Dome Security CamerasThough property crime rates are on the decline, more than 1 in 8 households were victims of property crime in 2008. Small businesses are prone to theft and other property crime like households, because there is the perception that they are more likely to get away with burglarizing a small business than a larger business. There are many ways to protect your business from property crime, like criminal conviction checks, past employment verification, and employee education, but security cameras are often the most effective method.

Security cameras and public knowledge of the use of security cameras creates a perception of detection. As puts it: “Employees who perceive that they will be caught engaging in occupational fraud and abuse are less likely to commit it. Increasing the perception of detection may well be the most effective fraud prevention method.” Of course, not only employees are deterred by the perception of detection, the same goes for other people who might consider theft or other property crime.

Unfortunately, security cameras do not stop all instances of theft. However, property is more likely to be recovered or reimbursed when the theft is recorded on camera. In reality, very little stolen property is actually recovered, but most of the recovery is thanks in part to security systems. Due to this, theft deterrance should be the main focus of the camera system.

Today, security systems are affordable for small business and even homeowners. Small business surveillance systems can be installed for as little as $1000 – $5000. The security systems can be CCTV or even IP-based so you can view your cameras from anywhere with internet access.

Systems can be put together very affordable; bullet security cams and dome security cameras start at $80 for black and white and $150 for color. Lenses are available in all sizes from 2.5mm to 500mm and can be changed easily, so your needs can be met for all surveillance areas regardless of size and distance. Pan-tilt-zoom cameras, known as PTZ cameras, that allow users to “look around” the surveillance area are also available.

Don’t leave your small business, restaurant, or bar unprotected! Act before its too late and you’re the victim of theft. Click for more information about camera types and assistance choosing what cameras are right for your small business surveillance needs.

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