Shopping Malls Need Security Cameras

Security Camera Registration Could Help Catch CriminalsShopping mall security cameras are almost common sense. Think about it. Malls attract some of the largest crowds of any other establishment. You have so many people in such a varied space and so much money being exchanged on a daily basis. It’s the ideal location for criminals. Malls often have multiple levels, stores, restaurants, movie theaters and more. Buildings are large and in between them are open plazas, both outside and in. You also have areas where merchandise is stored and delivered. Not only are malls practically a “welcome” sign for criminals, they can present a challenge for anyone looking to help beef up security. One way to do that is with security cameras and monitoring systems. Below you’ll find some tips on where, why, and how you should place your mall’s cameras.

Where should you place your small security cameras?

Malls usually contain a variety of types of stores and even unique building shape. Because of this, deciding where to place your cameras can be a tough decision to make. Here are some things to think about.

  1. Does your mall already have security personnel? Cameras should always first be places in areas they are not always monitored or easily accessed by human eyes. If you have a security team, consider placing your cameras where they can’t be on the lookout 24/7.
  2. Who is allowed where in your mall? Do you have areas that can only be accessed by employees? Do you have areas where truck drivers from all over the country are making deliveries? Are there parts of your mall, such as lounging areas or stairwells, where customers can easily hide to commit a crime?
  3. Do you have a parking lot of deck? Because of the size of your mall, you probably have a lot of places for people to park. Parking lots are not often monitored and are ideal places for a criminal to steal cars, rob and even assault your customers or employees.
  4. Are there any areas of your mall that are prone to theft or criminal activity? Maybe several people have been robbed in one of your stairwells or on a certain side of your parking lot. Maybe one particular store sees a lot of theft. Maybe your courtyard is often vandalized. Keep this in mind when deciding where to put your cameras.
  5. Does your mall connect to any other types of public buildings, such a subway tunnel? Public transportation housing is a particularly busy area where just anyone can and will walk in, with the intent to cause harm to your mall.

Why do malls need security cameras?
With so many different types of buildings all in one location, malls are very attractive to would-be thieves. From huge parking lots full of cars to large retail shops full of goods, a security camera can help those in charge of a mall’s security monitor for illegal activity, as well as aid in the investigation in the event of a crime. Cameras can also help deter such crimes. If a would-be thief sees a camera watching their every move, they may think twice about taking something. Also, the presence of a camera can prevent a petty crime from escalating into something major.

Customers feel safer when they are being monitored by quality security cameras and safe customers are happy customers. Also, you can prevent major lawsuits by catching incidents involving customers on video. Monitoring employees is another advantage to having security cameras in your malls. In 2004, employee theft alone cost businesses in the United States over 40 billion dollars. Don’t let your mall become part of this statistic.

How to place your mall security cameras.
So You’ve taken the plunge and purchased your cameras, but now you’re not sure how to go about installing them? Here are some great tips that will help you get your security cameras up and working in no time!

  1. Place cameras at all entrances and exits so that you can see who is coming and going at all times and capture all faces on cameras.
  2. Place cameras in areas that are always full of people, such as food courts, courtyards, and lobbies.
  3. Make sure you’ve taken precautions against weather or vandalism, especially with cameras placed outside.
  4. Make sure you’ve got cameras in your storage areas so you can see what employees are up to at all times. The same goes for delivery or loading areas.
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