Security Cameras for Cruise Ships

When you think of businesses purchasing security cameras, cruise ships may not be high at the top of the list, but cruise ships have many common and unique security camera needs. A cruise ship is sort of like its own little town, with shops, entertainment ares, restaurants, sleeping quarters and much more. But unlike a regular small town, a cruise ship is floating in the middle of the ocean, and easily accessed by anyone from any country. With this in mind, there is lots to think about when purchasing a surveillance system for a cruise ship.

So, what all can a cruise ship security camera do for you?

  • Crime Prevention – There have been several famous cases where cruise passengers have gone missing or were thought to be the victims of violent crimes. Not only were security cameras helpful to authorities in solving these crimes, but a criminal is less likely to commit a crime when he or she knows they’re being watching.
  • Provide Evidence – In the even a crime does take place on a cruise ship, security cameras can provide monumental evidence in court. Not only that, but if someone is injured or there is another type of accident that may lead to a lawsuit, visual images can save millions of dollars in damages fees.
  • Fight Terrorism – As mentioned, a cruise ship spends much of its time floating in international waters and can be easily accessed by anyone from almost any country. For this reason, cruise ships could easily become a target of terrorism and security cameras can help monitor for potential danger.
  • Monitor Employees – As with any business, there is always the potential for an employee to do something they’re not supposed to. A cruise ship is so large and employees so many people, you can’t always be everywhere to keep an eye on them, and a security camera system can do that for you, allowing you to view your employees from one remote location.

Once you decided to purchase a cruise ship surveillance camera system, there are some things you need to keep in mind as you work to place the system. What kind of security does your ship already offer? If you have security guards monitoring an area, adding cameras could end up being redundant. A more cost-effective measure would be to put cameras where human eyes can’t always be present first. Also, if you have a casino on your ship, or any other type of area where large amounts of money are handled frequently, you’ll want to be sure that cameras are keeping watch over that area as much as possible.

Is there a specific place on your cruise ship that is prone to accidents & injuries or crime. These places will also need to be considered for security cameras. Are there areas on your ship where cameras left alone could easily be tampered with or vandalized? You’ll want to make sure your cameras are as tamper-proof as possible. And finally, be aware of your passengers’ privacy. Never place cameras in bathrooms, bedrooms, and other areas where privacy can be a concern.

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